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Agencies use Segments to personalize reports and analytics for their clients to prove value.
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From 40 hours a month to 5 minutes a month. That’s more than 60 days of work saved per year.
At £500 a day — you’re £30k a year better off.

Chris Raven, UK Agency

Key metrics reporting

Key Metrics & Reports

We take the hassle out of preparing your client's key metrics including AOV, repeat customers, and churn. Our Executive Summary is filterable by Customer tags, Order tags, and date ranges so you can view the change in performance of different customer segments over time.

Campaign performance

Campaign Performance

Every campaign starts with proper tracking. We help filter UTM campaign tags into an easy and intuitive report, including the all key metrics and a benchmark comparison with other campaigns.

Customer journey

Customer Journey

We map out what products a store's best customers buy and when they buy them. Understanding a store's "magic moments" and product strengths helps build trust with the owners.

RFM framework

RFM Framework

We automate customer segmentation using purchase recency, frequeny, and monetary value. These powerful segments can be synced to your Klaviyo or Mailchimp lists for differentiated flows.

Instant access to KPIs and Data Science insights for all your clients.
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Stores Total Price Per Store*
5 $1050 $210
10 $1950 $195
25 $4500 $180
50 $8250 $165
100 $15000 $150
100+ Get in touch

*Price quoted for the Growth plan with the same data range and export restricitons.

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