You had 4,365 new users in the last quarter, of which 2,925 (67%) bought something.

You had 4,146 total customers: 133 customers with their 1st purchase (29% of customers and 21% of revenue), and 4,013 repeat customers who are on their 2nd+ purchase (71% of customers and 78% of revenue); this is a 96% repeat buyer rate.

Your most lucrative individual segment was 5+ Time Buyer (35% of revenue). Your greatest opportunity is converting to the 2+ Time Buyer segment, currently at a 17% conversion rate. In the last quarter, 80% of your buyers convert to this segment by Day 31.

You have 1,493 new users who have yet to convert in 2 weeks. You have 3,634 1 Time Buyers who have yet to buy again in 2 months.

  • Work on converting your users to 2+ Time Buyer, currently 17%.

  • Send a new signup offer to your 1,493 new users who are past 2 weeks with no orders.

  • Send an upsell offer to your 3,634 users who are past 2 months with only 1 order.

Who are my buyer segments?


1 Time Buyer


2 Time Buyer


3 Time Buyer


4 Time Buyer


5+ Time Buyer

Your highest spending buyer segment is 5+ Time Buyer at 35.69% of revenue.
Your most valuable user segment is 5+ Time Buyer with an AOV of $173.00 per user.

How am I converting to each of my buyer segments?

Your greatest opportunity comes from getting to 2+ Time Buyer which has a 17% conversion rate.

Which days from signup are users placing orders?

Day 1

Order 1

Day 31

Order 2

Day 67

Order 3

Day 90

Order 4

Day 124

Order 5

Within 2+ Time Buyer, most of your buyers convert to this segment by Day 31.

How many new users have not placed their order by day x?

1,493 users

No 1st order in 2 weeks

3,634 users

No 2nd order in 2 months

View your users who have yet to convert by the target days.

No 1st order by 2 weeks

No 2nd order by 2 months