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May 14, 2020


This page! We've been mostly sending email updates about new features and changes, but figured it was high time we had a central location for people to see our changelog. Of course, we'll still push updates via email and other channels. Come back soon and often.

Lifecycle segments + playbooks

We moved the lifecycle "playbooks" into the grid directly for ease-of-use and access. Additionally, the lifecycle grid is driven by segments now for faster loading — if you don't see any of your lifecycle grid segments, let us know aswe may need to re-create the segments driving them.

April 26, 2020

Discount code users

We created a new customer segment filter for "discount code" include and exclude usage. Now you can filter for users that have used a particular (or many) discount codes, as well as those who have not. We also automated two new segments based off of this filter:

  • Used any discount
  • Never used a discount (Full price)
The first segment represents all customers that have ever used a discount on an order. The second segment is all customers that have never used a discount on any order; in other words, customers who have paid full price on every order.

Customer cohort analytics

For Growth+ stores, we extended customer cohorts to up to 2 years for a deeper look at how monthly cohorts have been performing. We’ve also added a “churn” table view that complements the “repeat” customers table.

How do we define churn? We use each store’s historical data to calculate a churn days threshold for 0x, 1x, 2x, and 3x+ order customers.

April 8, 2020

Product variant filters

We added the ability to filter customer segments by product variants purchased. Previously, you could only filter by the higher-level product or product type. A variant filter gives more control of the exact product that a customer purchased, whether it’s color, flavor, size, or any other variation that exists. Unlocking purchases at the variant level leads to interesting segment possibilities.

Filter modal

We tucked away all of the customer segment filters behind a modal to make the filtering experience easier. Applied filters will still show directly on the page. Look out in the coming weeks for better search and typeahead for navigating within the filters (we know this is cumbersome!).

March 14, 2020

Product analytics

We completely revamped the "Product analytics" page to give better insight into how well your products are performing. Insights include overall winners, hot & cold products, most discounted, and trending tags. Use these insights to spot trends to take action on.

All email campaigns

We expanded coverage of email campaigns into an "All campaigns" page. Now you can easily compare different email campaigns across the basic metrics like opens, receives, and clicks, as well as 7-day and 30-day conversions and revenue.

Feb 27, 2020

First product purchase cohort

Does a customer’s first purchase affect their future behavior? We think it does. Holding the products from that first order is the first tangible, physical impression your customer has with your brand — if they liked what they bought, you can bet they’ll be back for more.

The first purchase effect is what we set out to illuminate in the product cohort analysis. Like in customer cohort analytics, we look at different cohorts but base them on which products your customers bought first, and follow their journeys through subsequent months with metrics like repeat orders, revenue, order value, CLV, and more.