Automated insights and segmentation for ecommerce

Understand your ecommerce data without complicated analysis: No coding. No analysts. No SQL. Segments gives your store actionable steps to grow and optimize sales.

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Start with an Executive Summary

We'll crunch the numbers and summarize your key insights and metrics for a high level overview. Ask the key questions about your business and get answers gleaned from your data.


Dig deeper for details

We highlight anything worth investigating, and you can look more closely into any areas that you are interested in. Want to know what your sales will be next month? Done. Which users are most likely to buy? No problem. Get answers prepared by top data science experts.

Find your most important segments

We build a variety of different models like the RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) framework to segment your users or products. Use the right segments to perform specific actions like sending targeted email campaigns to improve conversions.

RFM framework

Export to use in campaigns

When you've found what you need, you can export your important segments; turn them into production models that are ready for your next campaign. Create hyper-personalized segmentation that brings the product to the users. Measure the performance and build that viral loop.

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