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Send more personalized marketing and increase conversions
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Facebook Audience
Facebook Audience

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Key Features

Build Customer Segments

We automatically build 15+ customer segments native to your store’s order history, refreshed daily. Build your own with filters & tags

Sync To Email Marketing

Segment lists sync directly to your email marketing with one click. Send personalized campaigns across different customer lifecycle stages.

Analyze Data & Insights

You can only improve what you measure. Use key metrics & insights like AOV, CLV, customer journey, and product affinity to keep improving!

Grow your business with intuitive metrics that matter

Stop spending weeks on messy spreadsheets and getting lost in the formulas. Get instant clarity on your key performance metrics across acquisition, activation, retention, and churn. Every module answers a key business question, with readable summary and recommended actions to guide your growth.

Funnel KPIs
Buyer journey analytics

Increase lifetime value with repeat customers

Identify your top customers by lifetime value and work backwards to replicate their success; target at risk customers before they churn. Take control of your data and know what’s driving sales with our buyer insights, product journey, and purchase timing.

Segment your customers for Precision Marketing

Build winning lookalike audiences with top customers, and suppress inactives. Reach at-risk customers before they churn with dynamically timed campaigns and personalized products offers on synced email segments.

RFM framework

John Chao

Hey 👋 I'm John, co-founder of Segments

Chief Data Scientist

I spent the past 15+ years doing data science & advanced analytics. I know how important data is for fueling growth; at the same time, I’m frustrated that tech giants dominate the practice. Let's level the playing field.

We want to give ecommerce back to the people.

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