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Ecommerce Analytics & Insights for the modern brand on Shopify

Find hidden revenue potential with automated, profit-driving customer segments. Created by former data scientists from Linkedin.

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[Segments] will open your eyes to how customers are spending their money and how you can use that to target more specific and prevent your business from leaving money on the table. This is a lot like taking the red pill and visualising the truth about your business and the best thing is you do not need to be a data analyst

Brandson Iceland

We have increased sales 45% for the month, compared to the same month last year, just from applying the recommendations Segments provides! I can only imagine, as I gain a deeper understanding of our data analytics and the opportunities Segments reveals, the impact this app will continue to have on our company.

Animals Matter, Inc.

Segments is amazing. It will open up new ways of thinking about your business. I've learned so much about customer behavior and our products. Great customer service too and I know they are actively working hard on new features and improvements to the app.

RIPT Apparel

Stores with the most success on Segments

100+ orders per month

3+ months of order history

2,500+ total customers

50+ product SKUs

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Facebook Audience
Facebook Audience

Key Features

Segment customers effortlessly

Get 15+ profit-driving customer segments with built-in data intelligence. Customize or build your own with purchase behavior, tags, and more

Drive additional revenue

Take action on revenue opportunities with timely recommendations to increase repeat purchases, CLV, and retention with prebuilt segments

One segment, all channels

Push & sync segments across email, Facebook, and Google with ease. Take control of your marketing data and analytics reporting

Grow your business with intuitive metrics that matter

Stop spending weeks on messy spreadsheets and getting lost in the formulas. Get instant clarity on your key performance metrics across acquisition, activation, retention, and churn. Every module answers a key business question, with readable summary and recommended actions to guide your growth.

Funnel KPIs
Buyer journey analytics

Increase lifetime value with repeat customers

Identify your top customers by lifetime value and work backwards to replicate their success; target at risk customers before they churn. Take control of your data and know what’s driving sales with our buyer insights, product journey, and purchase timing.

Segment your customers for Precision Marketing

Build winning lookalike audiences with top customers, and suppress inactives. Reach at-risk customers before they churn with dynamically timed campaigns and personalized products offers on synced email segments.

RFM framework

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