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John Chao

Hey 👋 I'm John, co-founder of Segments

Chief Data Scientist

I spent the past 15+ years doing data science & advanced analytics. I know how important data is for fueling growth; at the same time, I’m frustrated that tech giants dominate the practice. Let's level the playing field.

We want to give ecommerce back to the people.

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Know Your Numbers

Manage your business by the numbers: Gross Revenue, Returns, Discounts, Net Revenue, COGS, Shipping & Fulfillment, Gross Profit; AOV, ARPU, AOPU, Repeat Buyer %, Churn Rate, CLV, AAC.

Customer Lifetime Value

Find your best (and worst) customers with our Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) model based on historical average order value, buying frequency, and order frequency.

Recency, Frequency, Monetary

Use the Recency, Frequency, and Monetary (RFM) framework to neatly divide your customers into segments for actions like email scrubs, MVP rewards, and winback campaigns.

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Prioritize Your Best Users

Prioritize which users to focus on with more advanced intelligence including RFM framework, Likelihood to buy, and CLV.


Learn What Works

Dive deeper into your automated insights and reporting to learn what's working (or not) with your business. Important KPIs to monitor include Average Order Value (AOV), CLV, and Repeat Buyer.

Find your most important segments

We build a variety of different models like RFM to segment your users or products. Use the right segments to perform specific actions like sending targeted email campaigns to improve conversions.

RFM framework

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